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10 Signs You Have Collagen Deficiency

Did you know that collagen constitutes 30% of your body cells?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. Collagen deficiency can lead to symptoms including wrinkles, brittle bones, thinning hair, and even depression.

Here, we look at some signs of collagen deficiency and the most common diseases that collagen deficiency causes:

  1. Wrinkles
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. Joint Pain
  4. Aching Muscles
  5. Cellulite
  6. Loss of Mobility
  7. Dull or Thin hair
  8. Dental Issues
  9. Facial Hallowing
  10. Leaky Gut


Collagen gives your skin its structure and strength. As you age your collagen stores slowly become depleted. As a result, your skin begins to lose some of its structures leading to the formation of wrinkles, especially on the face. If no measures are taken to reverse this process, wrinkles quickly spread throughout the entire body, leading to the sagging of skin.

Blood Pressure

Weakened collagen causes abnormal blood pressure. Your blood vessels’ walls are made up of collagen and because your native collagen production depletes with age, it becomes excessively difficult for your body to regulate the flow of blood effectively. As a result, you may encounter problems associated with abnormal blood pressure including chest pain, fatigue, chronic headaches and dizziness. weakened and depleted collagen levels may greatly reduce the quality of your life. Studies show that low blood pressure is often associated with collagen deficiency. It can be simple to correct this condition by taking a single sachet of DermaPro® Collagen daily.

Joint Pain

Cartilage is a thin tissue between your joints. Cartilage is made of collagen, which is why collagen plays such a significant role in joint function and mobility. Collagen deficiency in the body leads to a deterioration of your joint integrity and stability. As a result, you may begin to experience excessive friction which may eventually progress to arthritis. Joint pain may also result from the deficiency of various essential elements that are directly or indirectly associated with an insufficient supply of collagen in the body. To help prevent joint pain and any progression to arthritis, it is advisable to supplement with a premium collagen supplement.

Muscle Aches

Collagen binds muscles to ligaments and bones. Collagen deficiency causes the weakening of collagen fibres and muscle connections. As a result, you begin to experience more aching muscles and additional friction.

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