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Zinc For Men: 10 Reasons Why Men Need More Zinc

Zinc is a valuable supplement for everyone, but some of its benefits may be of particular interest to men! For example, did you know that Zinc for men supports a healthy prostate, helps balance testosterone levels while improving fertility? Discover the reasons why men should get more Zinc in their diets and what foods to eat to achieve this.

Why is Zinc so important?

Scientific studies show Zinc to be a crucial mineral with a wide range of health benefits, some of which are essential for optimised male health and fertility:

1. Enhances immune function and response
2. Improves white blood cell function and increases the production of infection-fighting T-cells and killer cells
3. Boosts metabolism and thyroid function
4. Manages blood sugar
5. Lowers risk of age-related chronic problems
6. Promotes production of proteins and DNA
7. Supports healthy bone mineralisation
8. Accelerates wound healing
9. Improves sperm potency, motility and male fertility
10. Natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

Reasons why men should focus on getting more Zinc into their diet

Men need more Zinc because they have a higher biological requirement for this mineral than women do, and they are less likely to get it from their diets without supplements. Zinc can positively impact men’s health in a variety of ways:

Zinc for men: supports normal testosterone levels

Low testosterone levels can result in fatigue, low libido, loss of muscle mass, and even erectile dysfunction and impaired sperm motility. In addition, several known factors can cause testosterone levels to drop from genetics to medications and increasing age.

Insufficient dietary intake of Zinc in your diet could be causing a dip in testosterone levels. Daily supplementation with Zinc can help normalise testosterone levels which helps with male sexual functioning.

Zinc for men: promotes prostate health and male fertility

Prostate cancer is the most common cause of cancer for men. Problems mainly occur in older men, but it’s never too soon to start looking after your prostate! Enlarged prostate and prostatitis can cause frequent urination, weak urine stream, difficulty urinating, and sudden urges to urinate, impacting daily life and disturbing sleep.

Zinc is a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, helping to minimise the risk of developing an enlarged prostate. Zinc may also help reduce prostate size in men already suffering from BPH. So Zinc is recommended if you’ve got BPH or are just looking to reduce your long-term risk.

Zinc for men: is critical for protein synthesis

Protein is present in virtually every structure and cell in the body, from your brain cells to artery walls right down to your DNA! 

Protein helps to build strong muscles, repair damage, promote healthy skin and build healthy cells. Without sufficient protein, you’ll feel tired and weak, tired and struggle to recover from exercise and injury.

Zinc is a vital constituent of protein synthesis. Without enough Zinc, your body cannot utilise the protein it also needs to build, repair and maintain lean muscle.

Zinc for men: promotes hair health and strength

Just as Zinc is critical for protein synthesis, it is equally crucial for building Keratin, the main structural protein and constituent of hair. Without sufficient Zinc, hair can become weak, thin, and more likely to fall out. Without enough Zinc, your body also finds it harder to grow more, and with age, that hairline can begin to recede!

How can I get more Zinc into my diet?

Red meat and poultry are the most abundant source of Zinc; however, recommend lowering your intake of meat and increasing your intake of nuts and seeds – especially pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are delicious toasted and sprinkled with paprika for the perfect snack. 

Oysters renowned for their aphrodisiac qualities are exceptionally high in Zinc, with just six medium oysters providing 76mg of Zinc which is 304% of your recommended daily intake.

The other option is to take a daily supplement. You might find supplements offering up to 200mg of Zinc, but this is very high considering the recommended SAHPRA NRA (South African Nutrient Reference Value) for Zinc is up to 25mg per day. Therefore, aiming for a supplement like DermaPro® with a quantity around this amount is best. 

DermaPro® Collagen For Men formulated with 22.5mg of highly absorbable chelated Zinc delivers 90% of your daily recommended Zinc intake.

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