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3 Ways To Take DermaPro® Fortified Collagen

Not sure how to take DermaPro® Fortified Collagen? Looking for some inspiration to switch up your daily dose of gorgeous and wellness?

DermaPro® Fortified Collagen is super versatile and can be taken in many different ways. We designed our on-the-go sachets with a busy lifestyle in mind, making protein-rich, ingestible “Skincare from Within” easier and more convenient than ever before!

1. Dissolve …

… in your morning coffee, tea or juice

DermaPro® Fortified Collagen has been developed as a great addition to your morning coffee, tea or juice. Simply tear open the sachet and dissolve the contents in your favourite hot or cold beverage — anytime, anywhere. For best results and maximum absorption consume on an empty stomach.

2. Mix …

… with your yoghurt or granola

DermaPro® Fortified Collagen is 100% natural, high-protein goodness — it’s odourless, with an unsweetened, unflavored taste. Simply tear open a sachet and boost your yoghurt, granola or porridge — making it a great option to take it first thing every morning for your supercharged day.

3. Supercharge …

… your protein shake or smoothie!

Add a DermaPro® sachet for a super-charged protein, immunity and wellness boost. Each daily sachet is packed with synergistic amino acids, vital minerals, and powerful antioxidants, so it’s a great addition to any shake or smoothie.

No matter which way you take it, we recommend ingesting one sachet of DermaPro® Fortified Collagen daily for the best results and to help boost your body’s natural collagen production, metabolism, natural immunityand wellness. How do you take yours?

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