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3 Ways To Take DermaPro Fortified Collagen

Not sure how to take DermaPro™ Fortified Collagen? Looking for some inspiration to switch up your daily dose of gorgeous?

DermaPro Fortified Collagen is super versatile and can be taken in many different ways. We designed our on-the-go sachets with a busy lifestyle in mind, making protein-rich, ingestible “Skincare from Within” easier and more convenient than ever before!

1. DISSOLVE in your morning coffee, tea or juice …

DermaPro™ Collagen has been developed as a great addition to your morning coffee, tea or juice. Simply tear open the sachet and dissolve the contents in your favourite hot or cold beverage — anytime, anywhere. For best results and maximum absorption consume on an empty stomach.

2. MIX with your yoghurt or granola …

DermaPro™ Fortified Collagen is 100% natural, high-protein goodness — it’s odourless, with a neutral, unsweetened taste and won’t affect flavour so simply tear open a sachet and boost your yoghurt, granola or porridge — making it a great option to take it first thing every morning for your supercharged day.

3. SUPERCHARGE your smoothie!

Add a DermaPro™ sachet for a super-charged protein and immunity boost. Each daily sachet is packed with synergistic amino acids, vital minerals, and powerful antioxidants, so it’s a great addition to any shake or smoothie.

No matter which way you take it, we recommend ingesting one sachet of DermaPro™ Fortified Collagen daily for the best results and to help boost your body’s natural collagen production, metabolism and natural immunity.

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10 signs you have collagen deficiency

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