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Top 6 Benefits of Collagen For Men

What is collagen and why do men need it?

Discover the numerous anti-ageing benefits of collagen for men and the reasons why you should be taking it now!

Hey guys, have you tuned out to all the buzz around collagen supplements because you believe that phrases like ‘skin hydration’, ‘youthful radiance’ and ‘free radical protection’ don’t really apply to you — then guess what? DermaPro® Collagen For Men doesn’t just combat the visible signs of ageing but provides a whole host of hidden health benefits that work to rejuvenate, restore and repair just about every part of your body. Protein-rich and packed with essential amino acids, DermaPro® helps to boost energy levels, increase strength, promote joint health, build lean muscle, accelerate recovery from strenuous exercise and even support improved immunity and digestion.

So guys, even if you aren’t looking for that smooth morning skin, you still need to pay attention to your collagen levels. Why? Because if you like to run, cycle, workout, optimise your athletic performance and recover quickly from it, you’ll want to supplement with DermaPro® Collagen.

Why Take a Collagen Supplement?

During our youth, collagen is just as abundant as our energy. But as we age and from our early 20’s our collagen levels begin to take a nosedive – by 1.5% per year — which means that by the time you hit 50, you will have lost half of your collagen. This wouldn’t be a big problem, except that our body needs collagen for vital tissue rejuvenation, restoration and repair.

Depleted collagen means weaker joints, longer recovery times and yes, even hair that thins and skin that starts to look and sag like you begin to feel some days.

The good news is that lost collagen can easily be replenished by supplementing with a synergistic amino acid, vitamin and mineral complex with prebiotics and that’s where DermaPro® Collagen comes in.

Collagen is usually associated with restoring youthful radiance. However, it’s a common misperception that women use collagen more than men.

Collagen for men doesn’t work much differently than collagen for women.

Besides beauty benefits, collagen delivers numerous health benefits throughout your body, particularly in your muscles, joints, and even digestion.

Collagen is helpful in muscle recovery and fighting off visible signs of ageing such as hair thinning, aching joints, poor mobility and low energy.

As we age, our body’s collagen levels naturally decline. By adding collagen back into your daily diet, it’s super easy to replenish lost collagen and reap the many benefits.

Here are the top 6 reasons why everyone, especially men, should increase their collagen intake:

DermaPro® The Benefits of Collagen for Men 

Benefits of Collagen For Men: Collagen For Hair

May Help Prevent Hair loss

No man of any age wants to witness an increasing amount of hair appearing in the shower drain each morning. Although genetics can play a part, usually, men don’t take it seriously until they start noticing significant hair loss. 

Collagen replenishment can support a healthy head of hair (not to mention beard) by nourishing hair and improving hair follicle health and strength to promote faster hair growth and stability while preventing excessive hair loss.

Benefits of Collagen For Men: Collagen For Joints

Supports Bone and Joint Health

Regular use of collagen helps improve joint function, comfort and mobility, thereby easing daily tasks such as walking, stair climbing and descending, rising from sitting, standing, bending and weight-bearing. Collagen also helps alleviate pain resulting from the onset of osteoarthritis and has been shown to accelerate recovery from exercise, injury and surgery while minimising the risk of future fractures.

Benefits of Collagen For Men: Collagen For Muscle Mass and Recovery From Exercise

Helps Muscles Recover Faster

The unique combination of amino acids found in DermaPro® Collagen for Men can help you bounce back after a long day of work or strenuous workout.

Your tendons and ligaments contain 75% collagen, so daily replenishment with our enhanced collagen complex can help reduce potential pain or injury. In addition, clinical studies show that daily supplementation with collagen can help reduce inflammation due to strain from intense lifting or high-impact exercise and accelerate recovery.

Benefits of Collagen For Men: Anti-Collagen for Skin and Wellness

Combats The Visible and Degenerative Signs Of Ageing

Everyone wants to age gracefully. But, it’s not just women who can take advantage of collagen supplementation for healthy ageing. With age, our skin loses its elasticity. Collagen helps keep the skin hydrated, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Even research shows that consuming exogenous collagen can improve your body’s ability to produce collagen, improving elasticity and promoting natural anti-ageing.

Benefits of Collagen For Men: Collagen For Metabolism

Improve Metabolism and Increased Energy Levels

DermaPro® contains high concentrations of arginine, glycine and proline — these essential amino acids support healthy metabolisms and provide an essential source of protein replenishment during and after strenuous exercise, fuel detoxification, promote liver function, help to fight inflammation, and repair, restore and rejuvenate lean muscle mass. The glycine and Proline concentration in DermaPro® Collagen is 10-20 times higher than any other protein source.

Benefits of Collagen For Men: Collagen for Gut Health

Aids Gut Health

If you’re someone who carries your stress in your stomach, then you know the toll a constant battle with your digestion can take on your body. But, beyond the well-meaning elimination diets and frequent bathroom trips, there is a tool to help. Leaky Gut Syndrome can develop when the lining of your gut becomes porous, allowing undigested food particles and pathogens to ‘leak’ through what should be a natural barrier and straight into your bloodstream—leading to inflammation, low energy, weight gain and more.

One of the most amazing aspects of your body is its ability to repair and rejuvenate itself. DermaPro® supports gut repair at the cellular level, thereby helping to further reduce inflammation while protecting the lining of your digestive tract and contributing to restoring optimal gut health from the inside for youthful, radiant smooth skin on the outside. 

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